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Město Nové Strašecí
Nové Strašecí

Educational Trails

Nature and History of Nové Strašecí and Pecínov

The purpose of this educational trail is to make the inhabitants and visitors familiar with the historical development, natural conditions and places of interest at Nové Strašecí, Pecínov and the area as a whole. The route of the educational trail is marked, it is approximately 10 km long and there are nine stops on the trail. It passes through the town and the countryside through field and forest paths.

List of Stops:

1. Komenského Square – history of Nové Strašecí
2. Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary – significant buildings I
3. U Konopasu – watercourses and reservoirs
4. Chapel at Stochov – chapel at Stochov, agriculture
5. St. Isidor's Chapel – significant buildings II
6. Na Růžku in Pecínov – Pecínov
7. Podhorní I a II – Podhůrka
8. Spring under Šibeniční Hill – geology
9. Na Paloučku – Specially Protected Areas

Celtic Region of Novostrašecko

This 12 km long educational trail was created to uncover beauties of nature and interesting places of Novostrašecko. The visitors can stop off in Nové Strašecí or it is possible to walk only a part of the trail. The route of the educational trail leads mostly through marked tourist trails.
The educational trail Novostrašecko was established in 1994; the trail has 17 stops. The trail starts at the Nové Strašecí railway station, leads through Nové Strašecí around Libeň game reserve, through Mšecké Žehrovice following through the group of ponds on Loděnice brook. The information boards focuses on Džbán Natural Park, Nové Strašecí and the whole area; it also informs about agriculture and forestry, ponds, greenery and the history of the Celts.

List of Stops:

1. Railway Station Nové Strašecí – trail
2. Road to Nové Strašecí – view
3. Lime Alley – town greenery
4. Nové Strašecí – town square
5. Park – trees and shrub care
6. Libeň Game Reserve– agriculture, countryside greenery
7. Libeňské Louky Protected Area
8. Soudný pond – flora of Džbán Protected Area
9. Celtic Cult Place
10. Road to Mšecké Žehrovice – Who were the Celts?
11. Mšecké Žehrovice
12. Oak near Mšecké Žehrovice – memorable trees
13. Road to Mšec – geology of Džbán
14. Červený pond – ponds in Loděnice
15. Punčocha pond – life in the pond
16. Forest – Forestry, forest flora
17. Gamekeeper’s Lodge in Baba – trail info

Lány Game Park Educational Trail

Both the start and the end of the trail are located on the edge of the village Lány; the exact place is situated at the car park for the trail visitors, not far from the Lány Forestry Administration building on the road to Křivoklát. A part of the Lány Game Park is accessible for the visitors, including several information boards a wooden vantage point where it is possible to observe deer. This part of the game park is connected to Lány by a circular educational trail. The trail informs about fauna, flora and natural conditions of the Lány Game Park and Křivoklátsko Landscape Protected Area (Křivoklátksko LPA); the Lány Game Park became part of Křivoklátsko LPA in 1978. Game park is open from May to September on particular days. The educational trail leads through unfenced forest outside the game park and it is available all year round.

The trail is marked by green-and-white educational trail marks. This marking is complemented by additional directional signs showing the route to access the part of the Lány Game Park.

List of Stops:

1. Map of educational trail in the Part of the Lány Game Park
2. Křivoklátsko LPA
3. Lány Game Park
4. NATURA 2000
5. Forest ants
6. Establishing a new forest – management
7. System and management of nature conservation
8. Lány Game Park
9. Křivoklátsko LPA – fauna
10. Peasantry Amálie
11. Křivoklátsko LPA – flora
12. Lány Game Park
13. Red deer
14. Sika deer
15. Fallow deer
16. Moufflon
17. Dybowski’s deer
18. Wild Boar
19. Lány Forestry Administration
20. Křivoklátsko Biosphere Reserve
21. Lány Forestry Administration
22. Lány Forestry Administration


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