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Tourist Attractions in the Area

Tourist Attractions in the Area


Louštín Hill

With 536.7 m (1761 ft) above the sea level Louštín is the highest point of Rakovník district. It is situated 1.5 km (0.9 miles) south-east of Krušovice. The hill is positioned on a marl subsoil of Džbán Mountains. The top of the hill is located in the cadastral territory of Řevničov, on the south hillside there is a border with Lužná territory and on the west hillside there is a border with Krušovice territory.

Horse-drawn Railway

Lány forest hides a remarkable technical monument: the remains of the second oldest railway on the European continent. According to the original plans, the horse-drawn railway should have led from Prague to Pilsen; however, the construction stopped near the Brejl settlement in the cadastral area of Lány. It was used from 1830 to 1869; the turning to Lány forests was used until 1873. The railway was used to carry timber and later to carry coal from Kladno. The former gamekeeper’s lodge Píně on the edge of the Lány Game Park is one of the oldest railway stations – it served as a change-over station and the engineer' home. Nowadays the horse-drawn railway remains can be found in the Lány Game Park.

Stone rows in Kounov

This unusual landscape element is located in Džbán natural park, on the plateau Rovina nad Kounovem (525 m / 1722 ft above the sea level) in Domoušice cadastral. The age, purpose and origin of this monument are unknown. The rows are believed to be a prehistoric megalithic observatory; they are registered as 'cult place' on the Immovable Heritage List. Some sceptics claim that the rows were field borderlines in the modern period, but there is a number of other theories. However, the limited archaeological research which took place at in the part of the area several years ago did not prove any of those theories. There was educational trail established, leading from railway station Mutějovice to the Kounov stone rows area.

Railway Museum Lužná u Rakovníka

The largest railway museum in the Czech Republic is situated in the former heating plant of Buštěhrad Railway in the railway station of Lužná u Rakovníka. Both the buildings and the exhibits are a property of Czech Railways.
The museum displays various steam and motor engines, historic passenger and goods wagons and special wagons. Most of the steam engines are parked in the roofed parking spaces situated around railway turntable. One of the unusual exhibits is reconstructed beer wagon. There is also an exhibition of historical safety equipment in the museum; it shows some historical exhibits as well – antique telephones, semaphores, tickets and many more. There also operates a circuit of narrow gauge railway which was relocated here from iron and steel works Poldi Kladno.

Křivoklát Castle

Křivoklát Castle is one of the oldest and most important castles in the Czech Republic. The origin of the name Křivoklát (křivý = crooked) comes probably from the crooked foundations or from low, crooked trees called 'kláty'. The castle originally served as a hunting castle for kings and princes.

During the reign of Ottokar II of Bohemia, an extensive magnificent castle was built. It was fairly rebuilt by Wenceslas IV and later it was completed by Ladislaus Jagiello. Křivoklát was heavily damaged several times by fire, it was turned into a dreaded prison and its importance decreased significantly. The castle was saved when Fürstenberks – under the influence of Romantic period – decided to reconstruct it. The restoration continued until 1929 when the family sold the castle to the Czechoslovak Republic

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